Parents’ Guide 2021-22 (Campus II Girls)

Respected Parents,

Al Huda School has been striving to equip the young minds with quality education, following a holistic approach to life through academic excellence, based on Islamic values leading to leadership qualities. Hence, it is extremely important for parents and students to follow these guide lines so that it can facilitate them in comprehending to overall process related to the academics and administration at AL Huda School.


AL Huda School aims to guide the students to become model citizens with academic excellence and Islamic values to succeed in this life and the hereafter.


To provide academic excellence in a secure environment through application of knowledge from Qura’an and Sunnah


Our new session will commence from 7thApril 2021.

Classes Days Timings
Playgroup Monday, Wednesday &
08:45 to 12:30
08:45 to 11:15
Junior & Reception Tuesday, Thursday &
08:45 to 12:30
Senior Monday, Wednesday &
07:45 to 12:30
07:45 to 12:00
Grade I, III, V, VII & IX Monday, Wednesday &
07:45 to 12:30
07:45 to 12:00
Grade II, IV, VI & VIII Tuesday, Thursday &
07:45 to 02:00
Hifz I – VI Monday till Saturday &
07:45 to 02:00
07:45 to 12:00


April Earth Day / Nature / Ramazan
May Eid Milan
June Health Food
August May Country / Animals
September Defense Day / Cleanliness
October Colours / Seert un Nabi
November Transport / Iqbal Day
December Games & Sports / Winters
January Science Project
February Jobs
March Spring


April Earth Day
May Eid Milan
August Independence Day Program

  • Speech Competition
  • Quiz
September Defence Day
PTM for Mid Term
November Iqbal Day
Bait Baazi Competition
Student’s Week
Seerat un Nabi (SAW) Program
Qira’at Competition
Hand / Naat Competition
December Sports Day
January Science Projects
Spelling Bee Competition
February PTM for Final Term


April Earth Day
May Eid Milan
August Independence Day Program

  • Speech Competition
  • Quiz
September Defence Day
November Students’ Week

  • Seerat un Nabi (SAW) Program
    • Qira’at Competition
    • Hamd / Naat Competition

Literary Day

December Sports Day
February Fan with Maths
PTM for Final Term


Holidays Months
Labour Day 1st May 2021
Eid ul Azha July 2021
Independence Day 14th August 2021
Ashura * 9th & 10th Muharram
Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Day * 14th Safar
Chehlum * 20th Safar
12th Rabi ul Awwal October 2021
Winter Vacation December 2021
Kashmir Day 5th February 2022
Pakistan Day 23th March 2022


0900 AM
11:00 AM
12:30 PM
01:30 PM


  • Late arrival of students is a serious breach of discipline and detrimental as discipline is a core subject in an educational institution to deal with.
  • School gate will be closed at 07:45 A.M for Senior, Primary and Secondary classes and at 08:45 A.M for Playgroup, Reception and Junior classes, allowing no student after the aforesaid schedule timing and no responsibility of safety and security of the student lies with the management of Al Huda School.


  • Regularity and punctuality on the part of students play a vital role in terms of their character building. Irregular and non-punctual students are unable to remain focused and complete their task in given time. Keeping these aspects in view, we share serious concern over early leave of our students.
  • Parents are strongly advised to disfavor this practice and if their child is ill or in case of an emergency, then better NOT send him/her to school on that day as early leave will not be granted in future.
  • Whenever a student is absent from school, a letter from the parents or guardian, must be sent to the class teacher the following day explaining the reason for absence.
  • Students are not permitted to proceed on leave at any time during the academic year without having obtained written permission from the Principal.
  • A medical certificate must be submitted in case of absence due to sickness.
  • Any child suffering from contagious / viral disease shall not be permitted to attend school till complete recovery.
  • A half day leave is only allowed on parent’s written request indicating a valid reason.
  • Long leave to attend wedding ceremonies will not be granted under any circumstances.
  • School is not responsible for any academic loss due to any kind of absence. It is the duty of student to complete all the work missed during his/her absence.
  • Your cooperation is essential to put the decision into practice.


Wearing of school uniform for students is compulsory. Uniform details are as under:


  • Dress: Beige, Grey Shalwar with Kali-darKurta.
  • Cap: White round cap for all the classes.
  • Shoes & Socks: Black Joggers with Black socks.


  • White Shalwar with Beige Grey Qameez, white scarf from Reception to Grade IV.
  • White Shalwar with Beige Qameez, white chadar with Beige Grey border from Grade V to X.
  • Black Hijab/Naqab is compulsory from Grade VII.
  • Shoes & Socks: Black Joggers with Black socks.


  • Sweater: Navy Blue
  • Jacket: Navy Blue
  • Gloves: Navy Blue
  • Cap for Boys: Pure white woolen

The prescribed uniform and abaya are available at:

Ghani’s Uniform located at Block G, North Nazimabad, Hyderi, Karachi, Ph: 021-36645922, 021-36706748.

  • Surprise checking for the uniform, nails and bags will be done periodically. Carrying irrelevant reading material, mobile phones, wearing jewelry and fancy scarf pins is strictly prohibited, which if found shall be seized and abdicated with the Principal.

Checking of LICE shall be carried out regularly, if the student does not overcome thisproblem, He/She shall be sent home. Therefore, parent’s cooperation in this regard is highly desirable.


  • All belongings and holding such as bag, lunch box, water bottle etc of the students must legibly and boldly bear name, class, section of the students.
  • Wrist watches are not allowed.
  • Bags and bottles must be simple, without pictures of cartoon characters and no stuffed toys attached to bags.


  • Parents must check and sign the Homework Diary daily and see circulars issued by the School in order to remain well informed.
  • Homework should be submitted on time.
  • Homework diaries should not be used to write leave applications.


  • Students must pack their bags according to daily time table unless instructed otherwise, to avoid wasting time and over burdening.


  • If you hire a school van for your child / ward you must have the driver’s name and contact number in case of emergency and other purpose.
  • Details are available with Al Huda School (Transport In charge).


  • The complete set of books for all the classes will be available at:

Tariq BookTown,Hydri Market,North Nazimabad,adjacent toGhani’s Uniform.


  • Mothers are requested to remain in the reception area when they want to collect their children /wards. If they wish to meet a teacher they must contact the school for an appointment.
  • If a van going student has to leave privately or with a relative not designated by parents, school must be informed by the parents in advance.


  • Every student’s hair must be free of lice & nits, nails clipped, hair should be cropped short for boys and tied back neatly for girls. Uniform should be complete, clean and neatly pressed, shoes should be regularly polished.


  • PTMs are held twice a year for each class and are particularly important for both Parents & Students. Parents are called on a specific time to and are given an opportunity to meet the teachers individually to review the progress of their children & discuss other matters related to the welfare of the students. It is mandatory for the Parents to attend these meetings.
  • Parents should also attend the orientation meetings arranged during the academic year so that they can get familiar with the different methods and techniques used at Al Huda School. Guidelines are provided to the parents through which learning can be reinforced with mutual cooperation.


  • Fee voucher will be issued on bimonthly basis i.e. (Two month fee vouchers in alternate months).
  • If the fee voucher not received by the 3rd of each month, It is the responsibility of the parents to obtain the fee voucher from Admin department in order to ensure the payment within due date.
  • Fee will be deposited at the authorized branches of the BankIslami till 10th of every month.
  • If fee remains unpaid up to the due date of fee voucher, the admission will be cancelled. Rs. 1,000 per month will be charged as Re-Admission fee, thereafter.
  • Payments of any kinds will not be accepted at any branch.
  • Payments through the cheques into the bank are not allowed.
  • All payments are non-refundable (except security deposit) and non-transferable.
  • The students will not be allowed to sit in the class or to appear in the examination in case of any outstanding dues.
  • Annual charges will be due with the fee of April every year.
  • Fee may be reviewed and revised without any prior written notice.
  • School result will be withheld in case of not clearing the school dues.


Academic year is divided into:

  • Mid Term: April to October
  • Final Term: November to March


  • Our faculty is subject based, willing to explore and experiment with diverse and innovative teaching strategies, striving to incorporate wide ranging assessment techniques that tap multiple intelligences.
  • To keep pace with technological advancement, we have incorporated into the curriculum audio-visual teaching aids with the teaching of some topics / subjects.
  • Both curricular and co-curricular activities are carefully blended to lay a strong foundation for acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills to permit them to play a satisfactory and responsible role in the society.


  • From Reception to Grade II, there are no formal tests. Pupil is continuously monitored to assess performance and behavior. Parents are requested to send their children regularly to school during those times.Those assessments duly recorded in the Academic Profile/Progress reports and sent to parents twice a year.
  • Summative assessments are carried out during the months of October and March Form Grade III onwards.
  • Any paper cancelled due to unforeseen closure of the school will be given at the end of examination.
  • Academic Profile/ Progress report should be signed by the parents and returned promptly.


Al Huda School believes that homework is anecessary routine activity for students that complements, reinforces and usually extends work done in the classroom. It strengthens the link between home and school.

An effective homework policy contributes directly to:

  • Student’s ongoing academic attainment and progress.
  • Student’s developing skills of independent learning; and
  • Reducing students need for tuitions
  • Training a student to organize study time.


  • The appropriate amount of homework for students each day normally expected depends upon their age group. Children in Grade I & II might be given a task expected to 20 – 30 minutes whereas in Grade III one hour other Grades 1.5 – 2 hours


  • Home work/Assignments must be submitted on time.
  • It is expected that student’s home work will always be his/her own work and not done by someone else.


  • Character building is a 24 hour process and hence cannot be achieved in school alone. What the students learn at school must also be implemented at home. We aim to blur the boundary lines of school and home by homogenizing the lessons of school with implementation at home. And since this is not only a plan but a way of life, we cannot hope for success without the cooperation of the parents.
  • In order to further our endeavors to mould are children into better Muslims and thus better human beings; we have designed a program by the name of IlmoAmal. There are two copies of this record, one will be brought to School for assessment at the end of each week while the other will be taken back to continue recording.
  • Positive reinforcement is the key to achieving success in this program.
  • We cannot hope to achieve any of our goals without the sincere support of all the parents.

Looking forward to your cooperation



Al Huda School