Hifz with Schooling

This program brings the best of both worlds and equips the students to meet the challenges of the day with full confidence. With the noble Scriptures deeply rooted in their minds and souls, they have and added advantage of succeeding in their lives.

Hifz classes are supervised by qualified Qari / Qaria, minimum numbers of students and every Qari / Qaria is assigned a set of students under them for teaching.

In order to evaluate their learning, students take part in Hifz competition as well as Academic performance with major subjects of English, Urdu and Mathematics. Alhamdulillaah, our students, both boys & girls have shown excellent performance in both Hifz-e-Quran and Academic. By the Grace of Allah, in 25 years of School, we have numbers of Huffaz who have memorized the complete Quran with best Academic Record.

We hope and pray to Allah to continue this tradition in a more effective manner and make this noble and rewarding task easy and exciting for students to pursue.

We also urge the parents to help & facilitate their children to practice memorizing at home apart from what they do at school even during vacation.