About Us

AL HUDA SCHOOL has been imparting quality hifz and school education since 1997 with the ultimate aim of raising practicing Muslims and dedicated Pakistani’s capable of facing the challenges of the contemporary world.

Already the school has earned a reputation for excellence in Hifz alongwith the Matric / O Level schooling in an environment conductive to learning. For parents seeking the best of both the educational world. Al Huda School the fine balance needed by society.

We realize the importance of pursuing religious education in a traditional setting. At the same time we are fully responsive to the demands of the rapidly changing society.

Al Huda School provides ample opportunities to its students to develop their aptitude in different areas to enhance language skills. Moreover, physical fitness of students is not treated lightly. Apart from elaborate hygiene maintenance throughout the campus, regular sports activities and competition help to ensure overall physical well being.


  • Academic excellence, language skills, leadership ad personal development, scientific outlook.
  • A strong system of behavioral care and moral guidance, which supports proper Islamic grooming of students.
  • Montessori trained teachers.
  • Activity based learning.
  • Language teaching according to modern techniques
  • Individual attention to every student.
  • Specially designed colourful furniture.