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No Admission Fee, No Security Deposit (Limited Time Offer)

School will re-open Dates

All Hifz (Hifz-I to Hifz VI), Grades and Special Hifz Classes will start from July 4, 2019

Playgroup, Reception, Junior and Senior Classes will start from July 5, 2019

Parents Guide


Wearing of school uniform for students is compulsory. Uniform details are as under:


Dress: Beige grey coloured shalwar with same colour Kali-dar Kurta.

Cap: White round cap (Compulsory from SENIOR class).

Shoes: Pure black joggers (without laces).

Socks: Plain black socks.

Half knee shorts for swimming.


Dress: White Shalwar with beige grey coloured

Black Abaya wearing from Hifz / Grade III is optional and from Hifz / Grade V is compulsory.

Black Hijab / Naqab from Hifz / Grade VII is compulsory.

Shoes: Pure black joggers (without laces).

Socks: Plain black socks.


Sweater …………………………………………. Navy Blue

Jacket …………………………………………….. Navy Blue

Gloves ……………………………………………. Navy Blue

Cap (For Boys) ………………………………. Pure White Woolen

The prescribed uniform and abaya are available at Ghani’s Uniforms located at Block ‘G’, North Nazimabad, Hydri, Karachi. Ph: 021-36645922, 021-36706748.

Surprise checking of the uniform, nails, bags and lockers will be done periodically and irrelevant reading material, carrying mobile phones and wearing jewellery is strictly prohibited, which if found shall be seized and abdicated with the Principal.

Kindly note that checking of LICE shall be carried out regularly if the student does not overcome from this problem, He / She shall be sent back home. Therefore, your cooperation in this regard is highly desirable.

School Timing

Reception & Junior
Grade I to Grade IX
Hifz I & Hifz II
Hifz III onward & Special Hifz

Visiting Hours Facilitation

Parents are requested to observe the following schedule of timings for registering their complaint / inquiries pertaining to Administration / Academic / Madrassah / Accounts matters by visiting or calling at our all campuses.


Campuses days Departments Timings

I & II Monday To Friday Schooling, Madrassah & Accounts

9:00 A.M. To 11:00 A.M.

I & II Saturday Accounts 9:00 A.M. To 11:00 A.M.


In case you hire a school van for your child / ward you must have the driverís name and contact number in case of emergency and other purpose. Details are available with AL-HUDA SCHOOL (Transportation Incharge).

Late Comming

Late arrival of students is a serious breach of discipline and detrimental as discipline is a core subject in educational institution to deal with. School gate will be closed at 7:45 A.M. sharp for all campuses except Reception & Junior classes at 8:45 A.M. Allowing no student after the aforesaid schedule of timing and NO responsibility of safety and security of the student lies with the management of AL-HUDA SCHOOL.

Early Leave

Regularity and punctuality on the part of students play a vital role in terms of their character building and produce better results. It has been observed that irregular and non-punctual students are unable to develop focus and complete their task in given time. Keeping these aspects in view, we share serious concern over early leave of our students. Parents are strongly advised to disfavor this practice and if their child is Ill or is supposed to accompany them somewhere, then better not send him / her to school on that day as early leave will not be granted in future. Your cooperation is essential to put the decision into practice.

Locker System

A state of the art safety & security locker system is provided to the Day-Boarding students, According to the international standards and quality. Salient features of these lockers are as follows: Design: Practical, Convenient and Attractive. Location: Placed in close proximity to their classes. Space / Size: Ample space for all belongings to hold every item. Room: Separate space for Quran Pak, school bag, water bottle, lunch box & shoes. Convenience: Easy & Convenient handling. Educative: This system will educate the child about the lockers system and Itís mechanism, thereof. It will also teach them to be responsible about their belongings, which Is an important part of being disciplined. Time Saver: It Is ideal to hold check on the wasting of time in searching material at assorted places. Peace of mind: Students and their parents will have complete peace of mind since all the belongings of the children will be in the safety of their allotted lockers.

Operating Guidelines
Students will make use of their lockers till completion of their Hifz. Parents are requested to make sure that their child is carrying to school the key of his / her locker. Total information about locker will be provided by the (InCharge Hifz Section) of the Campus. Key will be brought daily, without fail or the Incharge should be immediately contacted. Key chain and lock will not be allowed to be changed. No article of any other student should be found in your closet. In case of Non Compliance with the given Instructions, locker will be withdrawn.