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No Admission Fee, No Security Deposit (Limited Time Offer)

Junior Class and Senior Class will start from April 15, 2019

Every child deserves an opportunity to grow up in a setting that values children, that provides conditions for a safe and secure environment, because children are both the present and future of every nation. Al Huda School endeavors to provide such conditions for our young minds.

Young children who come to school for the need an extra caring and supportive environment which has a sense of familiarity, to make the transition from home to school as ‘painless’ as possible.

Al Huda School’s success in achieving its educational objectives relies on its continuing efforts to recruit appropriately experienced and qualified teachers. The key areas included in our curriculum contain competencies, or learning goals which have been outlined for children. These areas of learning provide a foundation for later learning and achievement.

Integration of Islamic Values

Integration of Islamic Values is an essential part of our curriculum which reflects the school’s view of the holistic development of its students and to ensure a   future generation of students who will excel both   academically and spiritually. Emphasis of values is  apparent in every facet of school environment from  Pre-Primary to Primary and Secondary sections of Al Huda School. Activities, worksheets and assembly presentations are based on Sunnahs and Islamic etiquettes.

Creative Surroundings Innovative Minds

One of the main focal points of our curriculum is to encourage children to think of new innovative ideas which can be expressed through varied media.

Health, Hygiene and Safety

The emphasis is very much on development of children’s physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills in indoor and outdoor environments.

Activity Based Learning

Opportunities are provided for learning through activities which is an integral part of physical and mental development.

Personal and Professional Development

Important aspects of personal, social, moral development including understanding of self and others are focused. These outcomes focus on children’s developing knowledge and understanding of their environment , other people and features of the ‘natural’ and ‘made’ world.

Cultivating Today for Better Tomorrows

In the light of the saying of our Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلمwe come to know that a person is doomed whose ‘today’ isn’t better than his‘yesterday’. That’s why continuous improvement is a fundamental concept of our culture and our mode of life. At Al Huda School we believe that cultivating a habit of  constant change leading to self improvement should start very early. As early as the formative years of life.

Quite the reason we familiarize our children with this rule by our words and also by our actions. Frequently, we bring about changes in our environment, teaching methodologies, acquisition of resources and upgrading our faculty members and improving educational standards.
When change is visible, improvement follows.

A systemic approach to suit your needs.

At AL-HUDA SCHOOL, a number of different systems of learning are in place. Parents have the liberty to choose the one that suits their desires and the abilities of their children. What's more you can shift from one system to another without any hassle. So that you and your children have smooth sailing.

System-I : Hifz with Schooling - Leading to Matric

This programme brings the best of both worlds and equuips the students to meet the challanges of the day with full confidence. With the noble Scriptures deeply rooted in theeir minds and souls, they have and addexd advantage of suceeding in their lives.

System-II: Hifz Only

Already our exclusive Hifz programme has received rave reviews for being the most dependable and worlkable mode of memorizing the Quran. Our gradutes have been known to recite the whole book from their memory in a single day.

System-III: Schooling Only - Leading to Matric

Parents who are focussed on imparting the matric textbooks are often inclined towards this system. They can fully rely on our experience of imparting knowledge and rest assured that their children will come out with flying colours.

System-IV: Fast Track

This programme allows parents to send their children to the full thime hifz course and then opt for the regular programme at a fast pace. This adds to the strength of children making them strong in both the spheres of life.

System-V: O Level Cambridge - Taking Students to new horizons

The O level stream of education started at Al Huda School, Campus 1 is going on successfully. We have now classes from O level 3 to O Level 7. Students are trained according to the curriculum designed by British Council to compete in the future on the international arena. Registrations for the upcoming session at O level section has been started.

System-VI: O Level Cambridge with Hifz ul Quran - Unique Educational offer to Parents

This program is for parents who want their children to complete their Hifz e Quran e Paak and simultaneously want them to be in touch with the O level Educational system so that on completion of  Hifz e Qura Paak, their children will continue the O level classes as a full time student.

Day Boarding facilities including; Lunch arrangements, Locker System, Air Conditioned Classes, Trained Teachers and Staff, Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities are available in the School.