An experience your children will cherish for a liftime.


This programme brings the best of both words and equips the students to meet the challenges of the day with full confidence. With the Noble Scriptures deeply rooted in their minds and souls, they have and added advantage of succeeding in their lives.


Our exclusive Hifz programme has received rave reviews for being the most dependable and workable mode of memorizing the Quran. Our graduates have been known to recite the whole book from their memory in a single day.


Parents who are focussed on imparting the matric textbooks are often inclined towards this system. They can fully rely on our experience of imparting knowledge and rest assured that their children will come out with flying colours.


This programme allows parents to send their children to the full time hifz course and then opt for the regular programme at a fast pace. This adds to the strength of children making them strong in both the spheres of life.

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Regular classes of Cambridge started last year and are now in full swing. Time for admission to the next session is approaching and parents can contact our administration at Campus-I for further information.