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Ideal Institute for Hifz-e-Quran

Over 30 Years of Experience in Research Based Hifz Education

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Your Child Deserve the Best Education

25 Years of Academic Excellence

This is Al Huda School’s 25th year of Islamic traditions complemented by excellent performance.

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Contemporary Teaching Methodology

We Take Pre-School Seriously

Peaceful and Comfortable Learning Environment

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Every child deserves an opportunity to grow up in a setting that value children and provides conditions for a safe and secure environment, because children are both the present and future of every nation. Al Huda School endeavors to provide such conditions for our young minds.


The O level system of education started at Al Huda School, Campus 1 is going on successfully. We have now classes from O level 3 to O Level 9. Students are trained according to the curriculum designed by British Council to compete in the future on the international arena.


This program brings the best of both worlds and equips the students to meet the challenges of the day with full confidence. With the noble Scriptures deeply rooted in their minds, they have and added advantage of succeeding in their lives. We pray to Allah to continue this tradition in good manner

About Us

AL HUDA SCHOOL has been imparting quality hifz and school education since 1997 with the ultimate aim of raising practicing Muslims and dedicated Pakistani’s capable of facing the challenges of the contemporary world. Already the school has earned a reputation for excellence in Hifz alongwith the Matric / O Level schooling in an environment conductive to learning. For parents seeking the best of both the educational world. Al Huda School the fine balance needed by society. We realize the importance of pursuing religious education in a traditional setting. At the same time we are fully responsive to the demands of the rapidly changing society.

  • Focus on Islamic grooming
  • Separate campuses for boys and girls
  • Well Equipped Computer & Science Labs + Library
  • High Qualified Teachers
  • Teaching through multimedia

Over 30 years of Experience in Research Based Hifz Education


04-Oct-22 to 27 Oct-22: Colour Day. For more details please go to Photo Gallery

22-Oct-22: Open House at Campus-3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal. For more details please go to Photo Gallery

27-Oct-22: IT INNOVATIONS at Campus-2, North Nazimabad. For more details please go to Photo Gallery


AL HUDA SCHOOL believes that all students can achieve and attain high standards. Students are encouraged to rigorously follow grade-appropriate courses of study. School leadership is proactive in seeking solutions and is effective at promoting achievement among all concerned: students, staff, and interested stakeholders.


Al Huda School endeavors to provide such conditions for our young minds. Young children who come to school for the first time, need extra caring and supportive environment.

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O-Level / Matriculation

The O level system started at Al Huda School, Campus 1 and Campus 3 is going on successfully. Student have consistently produced outstanding Matriculation results..

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Exclusive Hifz

Al Huda school School provides an exclusive Hifz Program for students. The Hifz program is offered at a minimum age of 4.5 years and maximum age of 9 years.

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Hifz with Schooling

This program brings the best of both worlds and equips the students to meet the challenges of the day with full confidence. With Hifz-e-Quan students study English, Urdu and Mathematics

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Only Hifz e Quran

Our Hifz program has received rave reviews for being the most dependable and workable mode of memorizing the Quran. Students are supervised by eminent educationalist.

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Fast Track

Fast Track system is for those who have lost academic years in completing their Hifz-e-Quran and want to cover the academic lost in fast module.

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Find the latest news and events related to school. Know about the achievement, hard working, and more about your ward.

Science Exhibition February 22

Science Exhibition held in Campus-3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal

In a science exhibition, the students are asked to submit their project on exhibition day. The students participated individual or in groups..

Soup & Sandwich Activity Jan 22

Soup & Sandwich Activity held in Campus-3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Students prepared Sandwiches and soup. They serves their classmates and teachers to show hospitality

Sports Day December 22

Sports day activity held in Campus-III, Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Sports day is a joyful event held in school. The whole school participates, students can be divided by grades for teams.

Hand Washing Activity Sept 21

Handwashing activity held in Campus-I, .

Hand washing is an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep children healthy. Keep away from germs.

Kids enjoying the study & activities as their mothers accompany them. Good idea to help children think out of the box and to help them learn in a fun way. Looking forward to such activities in future.

Mother of Muhamamd Ahmed Rashid (KG-II)

Happy Mother

Masha Allah, love the smiles and energy of the children. Good place for children for study and fun activity. Wish all the best for future. JazakAllah.

Mother of Ebrahim Pasha Junaid (KG-I)

Happy Parent

An amazing school and learning environment for my three daughters. The staff and administrators are caring, welcoming, and role models. The quality of the education is above average and meets/exceeds state expectations. Enrolling my children here is the best investment I've made.

Mother of Marwa Sharbini(KG-I, Durriya Ma’arij(Sp. Hifz)
& Urwa tul Wusqa (Nursry)

Happy Mother